Why should I Direct Drill Grass Seed?

March 28, 2023

Why Direct Drill Grass?​

Ploughing is the tried and tested method of cultivation for most farmers when it comes to reseeding grass, but overseeding and direct drilling is growing in popularity. Why should I direct drill instead of the tried and tested conventional plough system that has been used by many generations of successful farmers?

A few things have changed in recent years which is leading many farms to look at different crop establishment methods. These include a growing shortage of labour, high fuel prices, high machinery prices and the growing demand from governments and consumers to preserve soil health to name a few. These factors are all driving more interest from farmers to look for alternative ways to reseeding their grassland without ploughing.

  • Time saving as seeding is done in one pass (No ploughing, no secondary cultivations, no removing of stones etc).​
  • More weatherproof, and so you can plant the seed at the perfect time in the season. E.g. No problems such as the rain delaying seeding after cultivations.​
  • Cheaper than conventional methods, less passes and less fuel is used
  • Reduced loss of production… grass can be stitched in during normal grazing rotation.​
  • Allows an autumn graze and subsequent tillering of grass.​
  • Less poaching when grazing in wet conditions.