The Original One Pass System

System Moore

Slitting, Harrowing, Sowing & Rolling all in One Pass.

  • A disc & coulter design is the best for cutting through trash – it does not lift stones or bunch up and drag trash.
  • The disc & Moore coulter cuts through, removes and spreads existing root and plant matter.
  • The 3 degree angled disc and 40mm coulter creates a harrowing and levelling effect;  spreading dung, removing ATV ruts and winter hoof damage.
  • The 40mm coulter design creates a mini furrow opening in the ground which the seed can thrive in. This mini furrow allows air, water and nutrients to enter the soil thus improving soil health and drainage.
  • The mini furrow created helps to shelter the young seedling’s. The serrated disc cultivates the slot creating an ideal seed bed for the seedling to get it’s roots into the ground as well easy access upwards to light and oxygen.

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The Original Moore Coulter System

Tungsten tipped coulters as standard, providing superior wear rates. It is more common for the discs to wear out before the coulters

Infinitely adjustable so that they can be adjusted for deeper/shallower disc cut or as the disc wears out

Accord Metering System

Tried and tested Accord metering system

Quick & easy to calibrate

Highly accurate sowing rates

Ability to sow down to the last quantity of seed, with most seed types

Perfect for all small seeds such as kale, stubble turnips, oilseed rape and grass

Rubber Arm Suspension System

Each seed coulter is fitted to a rubber suspended twin disc arm for optimum contour following

The heavy-duty design with high coulter pressure means the disc and coulter will not release easily.

However, if the disc and coulter encounter a larger stone or obstacle the whole arm assembly will quickly release and return to for working position.


The Guttler style Prisma roller

The Guttler style Prisma roller provides the necessary seed to soil contact that every crop needs.

On Arable;

-Leaves the soil firm

-Effectively crumbles and breaks down clods

-The loose, crumbly surface prevents capping

On Grassland;

-Damages the leaf and knots which stimulates tillering

-The roller touches the ground 305 prism points per square meter which is the same effect as a flock of sheep walking over the field!

Why the Guttler style Prisma roller?

What makes this roller so special:

The smaller half ring sits on the shaft (like a roll ring), the other half ring is roughly 5 cm larger and runs on the hub of the smaller one (like a breaker ring):

• In the ground, both half rings are at the same level so they exert the same pressure on the soil
• When rolling, the larger half ring slides upwards by 5 cm
• The smaller half ring turns faster than the larger one

These rollers can make a noise as they travel across the field. The up and down movement of the bigger ring helps to keep both rings clean.

Cleated Rubber Tyre Packer

Optional extra on ARABLE Mounted Only:

The rubber tyre packer is designed specifically for arable applications, especially min-till and plough-based systems.

This packer has 12 cleated tyres spaced evenly apart, one tyre for every 2 rows of seed

The wide spacing between each tyre gives space for our sprung levelling boards. These break any clods left on top of the seedbed and levels the soil pushing it into the track of the tyres.

This is the best packer to go for if using on damp/moist soils.