The Ultimate Trailed Grassland Drill


Designed with the professional contractor in mind. This is our highest spec direct drill for planting grass, fodder crops, clover, cover crops and stewardship scheme mixes.

  • Time Saving – direct drilling can save a massive amount of time, it speeds up the process of crop establishment which then improves your farm’s productivity and efficiency
  • Simple & Reliable – The simplicity in construction, paired with a high machine quality ensures a long working life and low operating costs
  • Soil Health – Less soil disturbance preserves ecosystems in the soil, which strengthens the soil structure helping to reduce soil compaction and conserve moisture which all have a direct correlation with crop yields
  • A Wise Investment – Proven high residual value with very high demand for used models

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Narrow row spacing

Narrow row spacing provides the crop with considerably higher competitiveness against weeds

Narrow rows also means the gaps between the rows close in faster which reduces the amount of moisture evaporation and soil erosion

The Original Moore Coulter System

Tungsten tipped coulters as standard, providing superior wear rates. It is more common for the discs to wear out before the coulters

Infinitely adjustable so that they can be adjusted for deeper/shallower disc cut or as the disc wears out

Accord Metering System

Tried and tested Accord metering system

Quick & easy to calibrate

Highly accurate sowing rates

Ability to sow down to the last quantity of seed, with most seed types

Perfect for all small seeds such as kale, stubble turnips, oilseed rape and grass

Rubber Arm Suspension System

Each seed coulter is fitted to a rubber suspended twin disc arm for optimum contour following

The heavy-duty design with high coulter pressure means the disc and coulter will not release easily.

However, if the disc and coulter encounter a larger stone or obstacle the whole arm assembly will quickly release and return to for working position.

Hydraulic Adjustable Coulters

Precise drilling depth adjustment and coulter pressure

Seeding discs and coulters can be totally suspended off the ground with all the weight on the packer roller.

Useful feature for when field conditions change such as soft and hard areas of the field


Guttler Style Packer (Standard)

The Guttler Style Prisma roller provides the necessary seed to soil contact that every crop needs. This ensures strong tillage, longer lasting stands, and higher yields.

The unique Guttler Style self-cleaning roller has two cast iron Prisma rings working together on a 45/50cmØ roller. The smaller ring fits securely on the shaft whilst the larger ring runs on the inner shoulder of the smaller ring (like a breaker ring), giving a cleaning action to the outer surface and aids in breaking down any clods.

Hydraulic Fan (Standard)

Ideal for most tractors, a huge saving on fuel – you can happily drill at 1300 rpm so it means less fuel consumption and less strain on the tractor.

Optional Extras

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  • Row Spacing


  • Number of Seeding Coulters


  • Overall Width

    3100 mm

  • Overall Length

    5000 mm

  • Overall Height


  • Working Width


  • Unladen Weight (Approx)


  • Minimum Power Requirement (HP)


  • Other standard features not listed above

    LED Lights, Maintenance Free Bearings, Rear Step & Safety Rail, 415x5mm Disc Blades

  • Available Optional Extras

    Tramlining Kit, Wired CCTV Camera Kit, 500L Hopper Extension, Stocks 130L 2nd Hopper