Row Spacing: The Optimal Spacing For Grass

July 21, 2023

What is the Optimal Row Spacing for Grass? 

In this blog, we will delve into the reasons why the Grassland spec 90mm row spacing Moore Unidrill is a superior choice, whilst also exploring why a conventional seed drill with 125mm (or more) row spacing could be costing you more money.

What does “Row Spacing” mean when it comes to direct drilling and overseeding?

Row spacing determines the distance between individual grass seeds or plants and can make a significant difference to how the plant absorbs nutrients and sunlight, and can also affect the overall crop health. When it comes to grass seeding and establishment, choosing the seed drill with the correct row spacing for the type of seed is crucial for achieving maximum germination and yield.

Why 90mm Row Spacing Moore Unidrill is Superior:

  1.  Increased Plant Density and Yield: The 90mm row spacing on the Moore Unidrill leads to a higher plant density, which translates to an increased yield potential. As more grass plants are packed closely together, competition for sunlight, nutrients, and water is minimized, allowing each plant to thrive optimally. Studies have shown that narrower row spacing results in significantly higher yields compared to wider row spacing especially with grass.
  2. Enhanced Weed Suppression: Closer row spacing provides better ground coverage, leaving less room for weeds to establish and compete with the grass crop. The dense canopy created by the closely spaced plants shades out potential weed growth, reducing the need for herbicides and manual weed control measures.
  3. Improved Soil Moisture Utilization: With 90mm row spacing, there is a higher concentration of grass roots in the soil, leading to more efficient moisture utilization. The increased root density helps the grass plants access water more effectively, making them more resilient during periods of drought or water stress.
  4. Faster Establishment and Quick Growth: The close proximity of seeds in the 90mm row spacing accelerates the establishment process and promotes rapid growth. This is especially beneficial for farmers looking to achieve quick and uniform coverage on their fields.

Why Conventional 125mm (or more) row spacing could be costing you more money when it comes to pasture land reseeding:

  1. Reduced Yield Potential: Wider row spacing generally results in lower plant density, which can lead to reduced overall yield. As plants are spaced farther apart, there is increased competition for sunlight, water, and nutrients, resulting in less efficient resource utilization.
  2. Increased Weed Competition: With more significant gaps between plants, weed competition becomes a bigger challenge. Weeds have more space and resources to establish themselves, necessitating more extensive weed control measures.
  3. Slower Canopy Formation: It takes longer for a grass canopy to form with wider row spacing. During this period, soil erosion becomes a concern, and the risk of weed infestation is higher.
  4. More Passes Across The Field: If you are using a seed drill with 125mm (or wider) row spacings for sowing grass then you may have to cross stitch to get the coverage you need. This means passing over the field twice which costs you more in both fuel and time.


In conclusion, the difference in row spacing when it comes to reseeding grass can significantly impact crop yield and overall performance. The Grassland spec; 90mm row spacing Moore Unidrill offers numerous advantages over the conventional 125mm spacing, such as increased plant density, enhanced weed suppression, and improved soil moisture utilization. While buying a seed drill with wider row spacing may offer some benefits in terms of lower initial cost of the machine and the ability to sow other crops with the same machine, it does come with the drawbacks of reduced yield potential, increased weed competition, and slower canopy formation for grass reseeding.

Check out the below photos and this video; these photos and videos are quite old but they show the whole story from sowing to the results months after sowing. These photos show what excellent results can be achieved when you sow grass seed with the 90mm row spacing Moore Unidrill.

System Moore – The Original One Pass System.