Sportsturf Drill

Not Currently Available - New Design Coming Soon!

The key to having a good sports fields on any sports field is the grass root structure. When you cut or break grass plant roots, the plant immediately puts all its resources into growing new roots, so that the plant can survive. The Moore Sportsturf Drill is a cultural tool in that it acts as a grass root pruner (cutting and breaking roots) as well as a seeder. The drill can follow ground contours accurately and plant seeds at a constant depth in its own prepared mini seedbed. Seeds planted at 12mm give an excellent rooting structure, which holds the grass sward together better than shallow planted seed which tend to be more easily scuffed off.

To obtain a hard wearing sports field, the drill should be used at regular intervals. Root pruning helps to develop and strengthen the root structure thus giving a much improved playing surface. Fairways on Golf Courses should be seeded every Autumn (the soil is still warm and there should be more moisture to get good seed germination).

Root pruning which relieves surface compaction and aerates the soil, stimulates root growth and encourages the existing native grasses to grow between rows. It is a one pass operation, seeding and root pruning.


No of Coulters 16 Sowing Width 1.2m
Row Width 7cm Overall Width 1.4
Tractor Power 25 to 50 HP Weight 1500Kg