Grass Reseeding service in Cork, Ireland

June 17, 2022

Lynch Bros Agri is a family run business based in North Cork, Ireland. They provide a grass stitching, grass reseeding and direct drilling service to surrounding farmers.

In this video, they are explaining the benefits that their direct drilling service gives to their farming customers. The typical customers who would benefit from a grass reseeding contracting service like this would be mainly livestock farmers with cattle, sheep or any other livestock that grazes grass for feed.

-39% fuel saving when direct drilling versus ploughing, reducing contracting expenses to the farmer.

-Reduced soil erosion and run off

-Increased number of invertebrates and earthworms

-Conserves the moisture in the soil

-New seeds are introduced directly into the existing sward, the Moore Unidrill puts the seed in contact with the soil giving it the best chance of effective establishment. Other reseeding machines spread the seeds over the top of the existing sward and seeds can often get caught in the foliage and therefore never be in contact with the soil. This means they never get established or grow.

The job pictured below is a prime example of low cost grass establishment. Kale was sowed last year for winter feed on a beef farm, ground of course was severely poached but this resulted in ideal conditions for the Moore Unidrill to create a nice seed bed for the grass seed which was planted at 12kg to the acre, field will get one pass of a roller. No plough, no land leveller and no picking stones 👌🏻

Credits to Niall Lynch of Lynch Bro’s Agri for the video, photos and content.