Direct Drilling Into Harvested Corn Straw Maize Residue

December 21, 2023

Looking for a Direct Drill that can sow direct into Maize or any other stubble?

Wondering if you can successfully direct drill into a large amount of leaf debris left on the ground?

What type of drill copes with so much residue?

Certainly a test for any direct drill especially if the soil is a bit damp!

In this video they are sowing winter wheat with the Moore Unidrill direct into long stubble and high volumes of chopped straw.

Want to know more about System Moore Coulter design and why it is the best for direct drilling into all kinds of soil conditions? Click on this link –

Below are a few photos showing a Trailed Moore Unidrill direct drilling into maize stubble in New Zealand.

Want to read about some farmers in the field experiences with their Moore Unidrill? The Farming Forum is an interesting read – Moore unidrill into chopped stubble | The Farming Forum

Thanks to Ben Schuitert Agrotechniek for sharing the video.