Direct Drilling Flower Margins

April 6, 2023

In the Netherlands, this contractor is sowing field margins with the Moore Unidrill Grassland Mounted and an Ecoweeding Spike Rotoweeder on the front linkage for breaking crusts and weeding. The contractor had a special frame made for his drill by the Moore Unidrill Dealer Ben Schuitert Agrotechniek to offset the machine by 60cm. This enabled the contractor to get nearer the bank edges.

The Moore Unidrill is a popular machine for sowing grass seed mixes as used in the Countryside Stewardship Schemes. Ideal for machine for sowing all kinds of seed mixes into buffer strips and grass margins around both arable and pasture land.

The photos below are a great example of what results you can achieve with the Moore Unidrill when sowing Flower-rich margins and Nectar Flower mixes into your field margins and buffer strips.

Credits to Ben Schuitert Agrotechniek for the video and images.