Customer Testimonial: Luke Templeton

September 3, 2023

In this video, Luke Templeton discusses his recent purchase of his 32 Row, Trailed Moore UniDrill which he purchased from our Dealer in New Zealand – FarmChief.


Luke Templeton, a Southland dairy farmer from New Zealand, talks us through the standout features on his recent Moore Unidrill which he purchased from FarmChief.

“The ability to highly control seeding rates is a priority for us, and we’ve been able to sow a variety of seeds the airseeder and change between them quickly, which is excellent”

“We really like the 90mm row spacing for the grass work. The add-on airseeder box lets us sow to only the back discs, meaning wider spacing for the brassica crops we sow”

Click the link below for more information on the Moore Uni Drill from FarmChief;

Moore Uni-Drill Trailing Direct Disc Drill – FarmChief

If you’re keen to find out how you could implement a direct drilling regime with the help of a Moore Unidrill, get in touch with your local dealer today here (