Moore Unidrill Base Unit in Action

July 19, 2023


Great to see one of BASE UNITS in action in the Netherlands! This farmer is getting the benefit of precise seed placement because he is using the unique “tried and tested” Moore Unidrill coulter system (The Original And Still The Best). In addition to this, he is reducing his machinery costs by utilising an existing front tank hopper which he already owned. This Base Unit also had an APV Electronic Seeder unit fitted to it making it the perfect set up for dual cropping. This farmer is using the APV seeder to distribute fertilizer and clover onto the soil surface. The main crop is being sown direct into the soil via the front tank and the Moore Unidrill coulters. An all-in-one pass seed drilling machine.

If you are looking to build your own homemade Direct Seed Drill. You want to save on machinery costs, and you have an existing front tank or seed hopper then why not consider the Moore Unidrill Base Units?

A DIY, home built no-till direct seed drill can save you money, utilizes existing machinery and means that you can build the direct drill to your own specific requirements.

If you are building your own self build bespoke seed drill, here are a few ideas and options you may want to consider;

  • Fertilizer applicator
  • Electronic drive metering
  • Variable rate seeding kit
  • Low disturbance subsoiler legs
  • Extra weight for better penetration
  • Hydraulic depth control
  • Following harrow or chain
  • CCTV in hopper camera kit
  • And of course; The Budget £$!


Give us a call to discuss your requirements and ideas.

Thanks to Ben Schuitert Agrotechniek for sharing the video.