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A brief history of Moore Uni-drill


Moore Uni-Drill was a family-owned specialized manufacturer of Agricultural and Sportsturf seeding equipment established by Sam Moore Snr. Established in 1973, it began by manufacturing direct drills for the grassland market. In the late 70's early 80's a drill specifically designed for the arable sector was developed and in the mid 80's the specialist sports turf model was introduced.

The company operated from Kirk Road, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland - 15kms from the legendary Giants Causeway on the beautiful Antrim coast. The surrounding countryside hosts some of the most intensive dairy farming in all of Europe. This is grass growing country, with a unique high rainfall and mild climate, which suits the intensive grassland production which helped launch the original uni-drills.

As the company expanded, Sam Moore’s son, Sam junior, joined the business and ran Moore Uni-Drill since his father retired in 1996.

Subsequent development of the original grassland drills into the arable market and, more recently, the sports field market have secured the companies' future.

In January 2009, production of the arable uni-drills transferred to Sumo UK at Melbourne in Yorkshire, England. However, production continued in Ballymoney of a new range of grassland seeders, as well as sportsturf equipment.

Whilst having a very close working relationship with Agri-Linc Holdings Ltd in England as a specialist dealer in used and refurbished Unidrills for many years, Sam Moore worked on an acquisition together with the owners in view of the brand continuing and developing to new heights.

A new chapter was created in 2019....


The establishment of Moore Unidrill (Manufacturing) Limited


The new business Moore Unidrill (Manufacturing) Limited acquired Moore Uni- Drill in Autumn 2019 and since then has propelled the brand to new heights, with multiple dealers across the UK and Ireland. We’ve pushed the brand into the Australian and New Zealand markets, which has been a great success.

As the brand continues to develop, the Moore Uni-Drill name remains at the forefront of drill manufactures and we intend to keep it that way. The history that Moore Uni-Drill has already means it is the perfect base for us to continue to promote and show that Moore Uni-Drill is not only one of the best but is pound for pound the best drill on the market.

All manufacturing is processed at Carlby – Lincolnshire UK


Present and future of Moore Uni-drill:


Development for the Moore Uni-Drill is constantly ongoing, implementing feedback from users and customers whether this be different packers or updating the drill with improved parts and equipment.

We believe there is always room for improvement and strive to provide the best direct drill on the market.

With both mounted and trailed options being offered with both 24 and 32 row options there is a Moore Uni-Drill that’s suitable for every occasion.

With 3 packer options (Tyre Packer, Guttler Packer and Otico Packer) the Moore Uni-Drill is suitable for any situation that it’s up against.



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