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The new grassland moore unidrill has been developed as a direct result of customer feedback

Their requirements were, close row spacing, so that true one pass seeding could be made into grass/cereal stubble, or a conventional seedbed. A compact 3 point linkage chassis, for quicker headland turn performance in smaller field’s, and a central seed metering system, for high speed accurate sowing combined with the ability to sow down to the very last seed quantity with all seed types.

The soil engaging unit is from the proven grassland unidrill, on a trailing rubber suspension arm. We have extensively trialled the system in 2010, with, as expected, first class results. Nothing in our 45 years of experience, places small seed in contact with soil at the correct depth, as well as a single disc and seedtube coulter arrangement, so the percentage of seed to germinate is very high.

By using the Unidrill, new seeds can be introduced into existing swards, either by seeding directly into glyphosate sprayed off grass stubbles, or by stitching in without chemical, using cultural control of the existing sward. Seeding into cereal/pulse stubble’s, or conventionally tilled seedbeds can be easily achieved with absolutely minimal changes in set up.

With the professional contractor in mind, the machine is heavy duty, with quality components, and is relatively maintenance free. The narrow row spacing, makes the same machine very suitable for over seeding into grass based sports playing surface’s.


  • UK Designed and Built.
  • Mounted or Trailed Models.
  • Cat 3 linkage on mounted models for convenience and QUICKER headland turns.
  • Accord Metering System.
  • 850 litre ACCORD hopper for proven high speed drilling, quick and easy calibration, convenient emptying, and individual row accuracy. with the ability to sow to the last quantity of seed, with all seed types, perfect for all small seeds ie. kale, stubble turnips, rape and grass.
  • Choice of row spacing and quantity of coulters for varied applications depending on the model.
  • 1000rpm PTO fan drive (Hydraulic Optional).
  • Guttler style packer as standard or a choice of Rubber rear packer with paddles or Otico Rubber Ridge Packer.
  • Seeding depth controlled off rear packer roller, with simple pin and hole adjustment.....seeding coulters can be totally suspended off the ground with all the weight on the packer roller, or all weight can be put on the discs to give up to 94kg/coulter with an empty hopper.
  • Weight can be reduced to 2300kgs for working in conventional seedbeds, or softer conditions.
  • Optional additional ballast, in 50kg sections can also take this up to a maximum of 124kg/coulter, 30% more than the model it replaces.
  • Heavy Duty 100mm x 100mm x 10mm Powder coated chassis.
  • Low maintenance trailing arm rubber suspension, offset to achieve close row spacing.
  • Proven award winning MOORE UNIDRILL sowing disc/coulter arrangement.
  • 410 x 5 mm serrated boron discs.
  • LONG LIFE Tungsten carbide tipped coulters.
  • NKE tapered roller bearings. QUADRUPLE sealed on the disc face, and double sealed on the outer face.
  • Folding rear filling safety step with safety rail.
  • LED Road lights.
  • Optional Extras -Hopper Extension, Tramlining, 600kg Frame weights, trailing kit, CCTV Camera Kit.

Packer Options


1) Guttler Rear Packer

The Guttler Style Prisma roller brings the seeds safely to the ground and provides the necessary soil contact. In turn, it ensures strong tillage, longer lasting stands, and higher yields.

The unique GUTTLER Style self-cleaning roller has two cast iron Prisma rings working together on a 45/50cmØ roller. The smaller ring fits snugly on the shaft whilst the larger ring runs on the inner shoulder of the smaller ring, giving a cleaning action to the outer surface.


2) Rubber Tyre Packer

The rubber tyre packer is available on 24 row machines only and is designed for arable applications, especially min-till and plough-based systems. This packer has 12 cleated tyres spaced evenly apart, one tyre for every two rows of seed. The wide spacing between each tyre gives space for our sprung levelling boards, which break any clods left of the top of the seedbed and levels the soil pushing it into the track of the tyres. This leaves a uniform, consolidated seedbed and ensures good seed to soil contact. This is the best packer to go for if using on damp/moist soils. 


3) Otico Rubber Ridge Packer

The Otico Rubber Ridge Packer is available on 24 row machines only and is designed for arable applications, especially min-till and plough-based systems. The rubber ridges are set at 125mm apart, to consolidate soil in line with the seed rows. They are not susceptible to sticking or clogging and therefore are particularly well-suited for use in a range of soils from light land to damp/moist soils.



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