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Second Hand Equipment

Second Hand Farm Machinery

We also locate and resale second hand farm machinery as well as pre used Moore drills

We sometimes have second hand machines of various ages, conditions and sizes, which can be bought from us, ex farm, or with a factory check and warranty depending on age and condition.

As Moore sportsturf, grassland and arable drills are renowned for their build quality and indestructibility, an older machine, with the addition of some spare parts, can be made as good as new, and can prove to be a good long term investment, at a much cheaper price.

Most of our evolutionary developments can be retrofitted to older machines. Please contact us for further information.

Please click on the pictures below for more info.



Vaderstad Rexius 650

Vaderstad Rexius 650 HD Roller

2011 3metre 32row Grassland No Weights

2011 3m 32row Grassland No Weights

2011 Grassland 3 metre 32 row Grassland C Weights

2011 3m 32row Grassland C Weights

2011 3metre 32row Grassland unidrill

2011 3metre 32row Grassland unidrill

2012 NC 14 tonne silage trailer

2012 Grassland 32 row Contractor


1996 3Metre Grassland Unidrill


2006 3metre 22row Grassland Unidrill


2011Trailed Sumo Trio

2012 moore unidrill grassland contractor


2013 vredo 3metre over seader

2013 Vredo 3 Metre Over Seader

Frazier Agribuggy

Guttler Greenmaster with Electronic Seeder

Lemken 4 metre Helidor

Lemken 4metre Helidor

2000 3Metre 2Row Grassland

2000 3metre 22row Grassland

Lemken 4 metre Helidor

2012 3metre 32row Grassland unidrill


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